The Ngunawal people have instigated several native title applications in relation to claims over our traditional land.

To date we have had four determinations made on these claims.

To obtain more information about these claims and any pending claims please visit the National Native Title Tribunal site at

The claims are allocated an application number by the NNTT. The Ngunawal application numbers are as follows:

NC00/1 (N6001/2000) Ngunawal (NSW) Central South-Eastern NSW

NC98/5 (NG6094/98) Ngunawal People #7 Queanbeyan 03/08/98

NC98/5 Ngunawal people #7 (D Bell) Queanbeyan AC98/1 Ngunawal Canberra

AC98/1 Ngunawal Canberra AC97/1 Ngunawal (ACT) Unalienated land in ACT

NC96/9 (NG6028/98) Ngunawal people #3 Queanbeyan 30/09/96

NC96/9 Ngunawal people #3 Queanbeyan

NC96/17 (NG6035/98) Ngunawal # 4 Mongarlowe 27/10/96

NC96/17 Ngunawal # 4 Mongarlowe

NC95/3 (NG6012/98) Ngunawal people #2 Queanbeyan 03/07/95

NC95/3 Ngunawal people #2 Queanbeyan

NC95/2 (NG6011/98) Ngunawal people #1 Murrumbateman 04/07/95

NC95/2 Ngunawal people #1 Murrumbateman