Buru Ngunawal Aboriginal Corporation (BNAC) was established as a Not For Profit Organisation to meet the changes in legislation at all levels of Government that requires Aboriginal people to be consulted about their Culture.

If any ground surface disturbance were to occur for any proposed project this triggered the requirement to undertake an Aboriginal Cultural assessment.

To meet this requirement the local Aboriginal Custodians had to be contactable and covered under all legislative requirements ie insurances.

This is why BNAC became a body corporate working for the protection and conservation of our Ngunawal Culture.

BNAC also imparts knowledge about Aboriginal culture and parctices to build a better community awareness.

Buru Ngunawal Aboriginal Corporation (BNAC) was set up so that the cultural heritage of the Ngunawal people would be protected and conserved for future generations.

Unfortunately there will be some sites of significance that will be destroyed and lost forever. BNAC has conceded that this will be the case for the sake of progress. BNAC works with all Government agencies to minimise those impacts. 

For the ACT BNAC is a member of the ACT Governments cultural heritage body known as the Representative Aboriginal Organisations (RAO's) and for our area within NSW we are registered with the Office of Environment and Heritage.